Offering classes in bread baking, cooking and sewing in Greensboro, NC

Bread Baking Classes

Bread Baking Classes

Plan a Bread Baking Class at Make This Yours NC Teaching Studio:

Nothing says, “Home”, like the aroma of freshly baked bread and a variety of bread baking classes are available at Make This Yours NC Teaching Studio. There is no set schedule of bread classes. Classes are scheduled by request for as few as 2 or as many as 6 participants. Due to the amount of preparation for each class, no bread baking class will be taught for only one participant. To schedule a bread baking class, invite a friend or a group to join you and then select one of the following classes:
(All bread baking classes last two hours and the cost of each class is $30.00 per person)

Choose from the following classes:

1. Easy Saturday Bread: Lose your fear of baking with yeast while creating a multigrain bread that can be mixed, proofed, shaped and baked in less than 3 hours.  This original recipe yields one large or two small loaves with a marvelous flavor and texture….for just a simple amount of effort.
2. Multigrain Bread with Sourdough Starter: This class uses an original recipe for a yeast bread made from a variety of grains and flours and uses a simple sourdough starter as part of the leavening. Activities in the class teach techniques for correct measurement of dry ingredients, as well as kneading and shaping dough into a variety of shapes including loaves and rolls. Class instruction also includes steps in creating and maintaining a simple sourdough starter.
3. Irish Soda Bread and Scones: Develop basic techniques and variations for creating delicious soda bread and flaky scones.
4. Slow-Rise Artisan Bread (Previous bread baking experience recommended prior to taking this class): This class demonstrates techniques for measuring, mixing, folding, shaping, proofing and baking bread by the slow-rise method. The 5 hour process for mixing, allowing the dough to rise, shaping, proofing and baking is condensed into a 2 hour class….and is best for those who have some prior experience in working with yeast breads.

Instruction includes:

  • A description of the grains, flours and other ingredients used in creating the bread made in each class.
  • Instruction in mixing, kneading and shaping the dough for various types of bread
  • Active involvement in the bread making process by each participant

To Schedule a Class:

Invite a friend to join you in a bread baking experience and choose the type of bread you want to create.  Then, contact me using the information below to schedule a class for the date and time of your choosing

To inquire about Bread Baking Classes, contact me at or 336-574-0714


Class Scheduling and Cancellation Policy:

A minimum enrollment of 2 persons is required for a class to be held. Class size is limited to 6 participants to allow for maximum personal instruction. A refund of the registration fee for a scheduled class will be given only if notification is received no less than 3 days prior to the start of the class.