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New Cooking and Sewing Classes at Make This Yours NC Teaching Studio

Sunday, August 7th, 2016

The recent warm, humid weather has prompted me to spend more time indoors…and more time indoors has resulted in the creation of new recipes and new sewing projects… and all this creativity has inspired new classes for my teaching studio.  For “Foodies”, there are two new cooking classes to whet your appetite,  yielding more than 10 different classes, all designed to sharpen your culinary skills.  In the area of sewing, the existing Sewing III class has been expanded.  Now, instead of teaching you to create only one type of skirt, the expanded class offers you the opportunity to choose your skirt type.  For example, do you want an elastic waist or a one with a zipper…a straight skirt or flared…knit fabric or woven?

To read about these changes, click on the class information tabs at the top of this webpage.  If you want to explore new skills, contact me at for further information or to schedule a class.

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