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Murray’s Muesli – Travel Version

Friday, July 29th, 2016

    Recently, my husband and I had the opportunity to travel to Spain with a group from our church to hike a portion of the Camino de Santiago, an ancient pilgrim walking route.  Our pilgrimage extended from Baiona, near the Portuguese border, to Santiago de Compostelo, a hiking distance of approximately 75 miles, or a little more than 100 kilometers, which we hiked in 5 1/2 days.
    In preparing for the pilgrimage, I knew that a good breakfast would almost be as important as the right hiking shoes…but I also knew that often, an inn’s continental breakfast would likely consist of pastries and coffee, which would not provide the energy needed for our journey on foot.  I made the decision to carry my own muesli for a more substantial breakfast during the pilgrimage, but recognized that the bulk of six servings of muesli would add weight to the backpack I carried each day.  To put my muesli on a “weight-reduction-plan”, I took out the steel-cut oats and some of the seeds, but left in the nuts and the sunflower and pumpkin seeds for the protein they provided.  Even though fruit was often not available at the inns along the pilgrimage, I found warm milk that was usually used for coffee and small servings of yogurt, which combined with my muesli, gave me a “happy tummy” start to the day…and looks of envy from my fellow pilgrims!
Buen Camino!

Murray’s Muesli – Travel Version

4 cups old-fashioned oats (not instant)
1 cup dried, unsweetened coconut (sold in bulk as coconut chips)
¼ cup flax seed (flax seed…not ground as meal)
¼ cup unsalted sunflower seeds
¼ cup raw pumpkin seeds
¼ cup sliced almonds, coarsely broken
¼ cup walnuts, coarsely broken
¼ cup pecans, coarsely broken
¾ cup raisins
5 organic, pitted dates, chopped (I use Medjool dates)
5 organic dried plums, chopped (otherwise known as prunes)
¼ cup toasted wheat germ or oat bran (I sprinkle wheat germ over the dates and dried plums on a cutting board before chopping.  This reduces the tendency for the dates and dried plums to stick together as they are being chopped. Oat bran can be used instead of wheat germ to make the recipe gluten free.)
Add all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix together with a wooden spoon or your hands until blended. Store the muesli in an airtight container.
This combination of ingredients makes approximately 13 one-half cup servings.
To Serve
Place ingredients in cereal or soup bowl in the following order:
  1. ½ cup Murray’s Muesli
  2. 3 heaping spoonfuls of yogurt (approximately ¼ cup)
    I use plain, 2% Greek yogurt which I sweeten with 2 teaspoons of organic honey per 17.6 ounce container, but feel free to use your favorite yogurt.
  3. ½ – cup chopped fruit
    I try to use a combination of whatever fruit is in season, and start with a firmer fruit, such as apples and/or pears. Softer fruits such as peaches, plums, nectarines, bananas, blackberries, strawberries, kiwi and/or blueberries are all wonderful additions. I usually chop a large quantity of fruit in the food processor, and then store it in a container to use for several days so I do not have to cut up fruit each morning.  My favorite fall and winter combination is 2 Fuji apples, 2 Bosc pears, 1 kiwi and ¾ cup fresh or frozen blue berries or blackberries. In summer, when fresh peaches are available, I add 2 peaches to my fruit mixture but frozen peaches, softened, can be used when fresh peaches are not in season.  Dice the fruit into small pieces. Refrigerate the chopped fruit in an air-tight storage container.  This amount of fruit should provide enough for your muesli for at least a week.
  4. Kefir (or milk), as desired.
    I add approximately ⅓ cup of kefir (or milk), poured around the other ingredients at the edge of the bowl, leaving the yogurt in the center. Almond or coconut milk can also be used.
Alternate serving methods include:
(a) Add yogurt, fruit and kefir (or milk) to the dry muesli mixture in a bowl. Cover the bowl and refrigerate the muesli mixture overnight; or
(b) Blend ½ cup muesli with ½ cup warm milk.  Top with a small amount of yogurt and/or fruit, if desired.


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