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Ahhh, spring…time for renewal and new classes

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Earlier in the year, I was lamenting to a friend while expressing my opinion that the cold, dreary month of January seemed to be the longest month of the year, lasting far longer than the 31 days reflected on the calendar. Smiling, she shared a bit of Oriental wisdom and reminded me that winter is a time for rest, reflection and planning, but with spring comes anticipation and renewal. Now that I look back on winter’s days, I recognize that my friend’s wisdom was correct. With shorter days, I was drawn more to home and hearth, spending hours in the kitchen, creating new recipes and modifying others I had thought were “tried and true”. I slightly decreased the amount of sugar in the bread I bake for my family and teach in my bread baking classes, and found that even this slight change made a noticeable difference in the flavor…less sugar allowed the flavor of the multiple grains to “speak more loudly”, giving the final product a more distinctive finish. More time in the kitchen inspired me to try some new ideas with recipes from the seafood class, and just a slight change in a marinade for salmon has turned this dish into one of my husband’s favorites…even though there’s an ingredient in the marinade that he thinks he doesn’t like to eat! A wonderful entree at our favorite “special celebration” restaurant put me in the “kitchen scientist” mode and I experimented until I developed my own version of baked acorn squash with farro, which will be included in the meatless cooking class. And nothing smells better on a cold winter day than the aroma of a hearty sauce simmering on the stove, waiting for its turn to nestle around jumbo pasta shells stuffed with a mixture of cheeses, a recipe from the Italian class that is easy to make ahead and serve on a night when you just aren’t inspired to cook. I have now added a class on breakfasts which will include a “make-your-own-cereal” that is based on muesli I ate in a restaurant in Tusayan, Arizona, just outside of Grand Canyon National Park. For more information about any of these cooking classes, just click on the Cooking Class link at the top of the page.

Sewing Classes
The longer nights of winter also provided time for reflection and planning. Many of you have inquired about sewing classes, and after trying to think “sequentially” about the best way to teach the many skills that are a part of learning to sew, I am offering classes in beginning sewing that will begin in May. Beginning sewing will be taught in a series of two 3-hour classes, meeting two consecutive weeks to allow participants to work on their projects in the time between classes. These classes are designed to teach basic sewing skills to those who have never worked with a sewing machine, or those who have not sewed in many years and their sewing skills have become a bit “rusty”. Clicking on the Sewing Class link at the top of the page will give you additional information about this new class.

Cooking and Sewing Classes for Kids
The onset of summer means that school will be out soon and students will be on their much-anticipated summer break. This also means that “kids” will have lots of available free time and parents will be struggling to find activities that do more than just entertain, but also teach. It is with much excitement that I announce two “kids camps”: Kitchen Power for Kids to teach fun, but functional nutritional and cooking skills; and Size It, Snip It, Stitch It: Sewing for Kids to teach competent use of the sewing machine and sewing tools while the “youthful designers” exercise their own creativity in the completion of sewing projects. Both of these two-day, 3-hour classes are designed for children 10 years and up, and class size is limited to allow personal instruction. For more information about either of these Kids Classes, click on the appropriate link at the top of the page.

So, as you can see, I did use the days of winter for planning, and now that spring is here, I hope that my ideas will “bloom” like the profusion of flowers outside my window.

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